From Our Founder

Greetings in the name of our Savior, Lord, Messiah, and coming King Jesus, THE Christ!

Welcome to the Gathering of His Watchmen, Watchman Word website and blog.  Our God graced this ministry with an international following, to whom we have the privilege of encouraging, instructing, praying with and for, with global results.  

Since 2009, we have watched our God respond to the prayer of watchmen from all over the world. We continue to stand together in His faith, lifting our hearts, voices, and His Word, as we welcome His will, by declaring “Thine kingdom come, Thine will be done in earth, as it is in heaven!  Even so, come Lord Jesus!”

This ministry celebrates the Love, authority, might, and power of our God, with no request other than we believe our God together, represent Him well in the earth, and cry out for the return of our Lord in our time.  We are not playing church; we are serving “kingdom style,” in Jesus name! WE MUST PRAY AND PRAY IN FAITH, TOGETHER!

Watchman LR 2 02 08 2018    Watchman L. R. Sharpe

God has graced me to serve in many ministerial capacities: Administrator, Senior Pastor, Conference/Seminar Speaker, Intercessory Prayer Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Ministry Adviser, Decision Counselor/Altar Worker, and Prison Ministry Teacher to name a few.  I have been graced to complete a graduate degree in Human Services Counseling (Executive Leadership Counseling cognate). Our God’s instruction,  revelation, and mercy, coupled with the personal experiences and education received from the struggles and victories of service and ministry have shaped my heart and life.

I am eternally grateful to our God for the connection, teaching, counsel, and grace of my spiritual parents, Bishop T. D. and Lady Serita Jakes.  Their faith and consistency aids me, as I pass through each dying place of this sojourn.  I am fully persuaded that our God will use all for His glory, as I press on to fulfill my purpose in the Body of Christ.  I am a prisoner of His Love and kindness.  Our God has divinely connected me to His Loving, powerful servants, Apostle Johnny and Prophetess Debra Jordan on the East Coast (Fayetteville, NC).

For more than two decades, the Spirit of God has strongly impressed upon my heart, His desire and the need for the Body of Christ to become united in faith filled prayer. I rejoice for the faith and discerning to recognize believers are growing strong and undefeatable in Christ through prayer, preaching, teaching and any other avenue God is making available to us. We are thoroughly convinced there are multitudes of believers who know there is more, so much more to our God and Christianity than they have yet seen. It is our belief that these are they who hear our God’s call to Watchmen Prayer.

Let us rejoice together, as we glean wisdom from every experience our God walks us through as His children. Let us rejoice together, as He causes all things to work together for our good, knowing we are being prepared to fulfill the call He has on our lives. Let us rejoice together, knowing we love Him because He first loved us, and has empowered us to pay the price to walk in His will.

God bless you and yours abundantly, in Jesus name.
Watchman L. R. Sharpe