Interdenominational Prayer

We may not agree on everything. Our doctrine may even differ.  Nevertheless, we are the Family of God. As mature members of the Family of God we can come together on the commonalities that cannot be argued.

Jesus Christ, is the Word of God made human, and the only acceptable sacrifice to completely satisfy the debt for the sin of humanity.

WE BELIEVE:  Jesus The Christ is the Word of God made flesh.

† He lived and went about expressing the mind and character of God by doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil.
† He was beaten, bruised and died for the sin of all mankind.
† He was buried and descended into hell. He was innocent of all
transgression, therefore death, hell and the grave had to free Him.
† He arose, having paid the full penalty for the sin of mankind.
† He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father,  interceding on our behalf.
† Our victory is incumbent upon faith in all that our Heavenly Father made available to humanity, through the power of His shed blood and exalted name.
† Our success as Christians is incumbent upon watching and listening to Jesus The Christ in the Scripture as He walks out the Person of our Heavenly Father and the life of a son of the only Living God.

(John 1:14, Hebrews 1:1-3, Acts 10:38, Isaiah 53, Psalm 68:18, Colossians 2:15, Ephesians 4:8, Philippians 2:9, Romans 8:29; Revelation 12:11)

WE BELIEVE: Our God is the Righteous Judge who oversees His Word, ensuring that all is performed. The commonalities we believe about our God the Only True and Righteous Judge is that:

† He is the “I AM”, whatever He needs to be He already is!
† He is Creator and Ruler of all. He created all and it must obey Him.
† He is omnipresent: present in all places at all times.
† He is omniscient: having infinite awareness, understanding and
insight. He possesses universal or complete knowledge. Nothing is hidden from Him.
† He is omnipotent: having absolutely unlimited authority and
† He is faithful to keep His promises to His people.

(Exodus 3:14, Jeremiah 1:12, Isaiah 48:13, 1 Kings 8:27, Hebrews 4:13, Revelation 19:6, Hebrews 6:13-21).

WE BELIEVE: We have been given the precious gift of our Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Administrative Arm of God, the Baptizer and the Sanctifier in the earth today. He leads, guides, directs, teaches and an abundance of other duties, as He empowers, equips, and works through God’s people to do the work of the ministry.

(Isaiah 53:1, 1 Corinthians 12:13, Romans 15:16, John 14:26, 1 Corinthians 12, Acts 1, Acts 2).