Your Faith, Prayer, and Support Needed

Beloved watchmen,  I want to let you all know the faith fight I have been in. I have been sucker-punched by the devil, who attacked my body with infirmity. I believe that by the stripes of Jesus Christ, I am already free. God has chosen a path of recovery for me and I need your faith, prayer, and support. I ask that you resist all fear and anything that speaks contrary to our faith in our God. There is a GoFund Me page setup to assist me in walking out this healing. Please share it as the Lord leads. My faith says I am already on the other side of it all.

GoFund Me:

One thing I have known my entire ministerial life, is that satan and darkness wants to shut down all Truth.  The truth is the return of Christ is upon us and he knows his time is short; he is desperate.

I feel I was sucker-punched to see if I truly believe our God is who He says He is.  I do believe.  I believe I was healed when I asked to be healed in Jesus name.  When I asked for instruction and direction, I was given this course.  I ask for your faith, prayer, and support.

I will continue to share this marvelous Gospel, because our God is real and His work in Christ is our portion.  My intent is to share the “faith, focus, crucifixion, and resurrection” process, that brings us to victory in Christ Jesus every time, in upcoming posts.

Thank you for your faith, prayer, and support.  Please share the page as the Lord leads.  Much love, grace, peace, and blessing to you.

Watchman L. R. Sharpe