Attitude and Entitlement

(From the Heart of His Watchman)
Fellow servants of the Most-High God, I recall listening to the song, Royalty, by Byron Cage. This song speaks of the magnificence of our God. I considered that humanity is and always has been His offspring. I considered that our God revealed His Love for us in His work in His Word/human, Christ Jesus, our Savior, Lord, Messiah, and KING. Our God is the Ultimate King, who purposely and willingly made humanity in His own image and likeness.

I considered that our God knew the first Adam (male and female man; Genesis 5:1-2) would fall from grace through the deception of satan. I considered that He made us anyway, knowing when all the pressing and spiritual warfare is over, everyone that is with Him, will be with Him, because we have chosen to do so.

This song speaks of our position in our God. Our God is indeed ROYALTY. We are His offspring and He has declared we are royal because He is ROYAL. I considered that status of royalty carries privileges. Our Heavenly Father, the Source of all things good, willingly watches over, cares, and provides for us (in accordance to His Word and will). He has promised if we do things His way, with His heart, all creation will yield and supply our needs, even our godly desires.

I considered that the status of royalty carries entitlement. I considered the definitions of entitlement:

(1) The state or condition of being chosen for benefits or privileges
(2) A right to benefits specified especially by law or contract
(3) Belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privilege

I considered the Truth of these definitions for believers exists ONLY because of our God’s Love for us. I considered the Truth of these definitions for believers exists ONLY because of the work our Loving Heavenly Father worked in Jesus Christ.

Godly Attitude and Entitlement
Watchmen, our sense of entitlement is NOTHING like the world’s. Our sense of entitlement, is walked out in humility towards our God. A heart that truly understands we are absolutely nothing without our God, does not walk out this entitlement from a heart or in character that is rude or self-serving. We understand all we need or desire is found in the heart and will of our God.

A heart with understanding recognizes the necessity of being led by and walking in the Holy Spirit. It understands the need to allow Him and our God’s Word (Scripture and Jesus) to monitor and measure our thoughts, speech, behavior, so that we reflect the Person, character, and nature of our God. We know from Jesus’s life what True Love looks like, and that humanity can only walk it out with the help and guidance of God’s Word and Holy Spirit.

A believer with a godly attitude and correct sense of entitlement understands that the best of heaven belongs to us through Jesus Christ. He or she understands our God withholds no good thing from those who walk upright before Him. Walking upright includes maintaining a godly attitude, a listening ear, and a loving heart full of faith in our God’s ability to get the job done. A godly attitude and right sense of entitlement presses to maintain the commitment and passion to do our God’s will, His way.

Trusted with Heaven’s Power
We have to embrace the Truth that we must press into renewing our thinking with our God’s Word. We must press into taking on the mind of Christ Jesus, conquering the flesh, to do and say as our Father does and says. Doing so positions us, giving us access to the secrets of the kingdom of God, greater understanding of our victory over all darkness, and dumanis power to enforce Christ’s victory (our victory) upon satan, his cohorts, and all their works, IN JESUS NAME! HALLELUJAH!

Watchmen all over the world, let us allow the Holy Spirit to judge our hearts and lives. Let us ask Him to show us every ungodly attitude, every erroneous belief regarding our entitlement as God’s children. Let us repent quickly, and press into the Person of our God even more in our attitudes, so that we may wield His Word, backed by the power of heaven, in greater levels of authority.

Father God,
We first thank You; we appreciate who You are and all You have done for us. We love You; You have and are teaching us how to love with Your Love. Thank You for the use of Your authority and power. Thank You for equipping us to wield all You are with Your heart. We know, that because of You, no weapon created against us will succeed, because we will walk out Your character, mind, and nature, and enjoy all the privileges and entitlement You have made available to us, through Christ Jesus. Again, we thank You, in Jesus name. We stand with the Bride and Your Spirit declaring, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

We pray, decree and declare all in the matchless name of Jesus, in which You have vested all authority and power! We rejoice, as we stand with godly attitudes and the correct sense of entitlement. We thank You for the wisdom, authority, and power to call things that be not as though they already were, because they are, in Jesus name! We look with earnest expectation to see the manifestation of all You have already done. IT IS SO!


Author: Watchman L. R. Sharpe

L. R. Sharpe, Founder and President of Gethsemane House Ministries, Inc. and The Gathering of His Watchmen International Prayer Alliance, has served in many ministerial capacities. She has earned a graduate degree in Human Services Counseling, with an Executive Leadership cognate. The teachings and mercies of Christ learned through the struggles, failures, and victories of her journey qualifies the message and the messenger. Obedience to the instruction, “After you are converted, strengthen your brother” has given birth to the call to share the lessons learned. Minister Sharpe’s heartfelt desire is that we all grow up unified, strong, and undefeatable in Christ, and that we develop into His full stature through His love, just as our Heavenly Father desires.

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