Am I Still In the Faith?

2 Corinthians 13:5 (NLT) Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you; if not, you have failed the test of genuine faith.

Greetings watchmen all over the world! My heart is singing songs of praise to our God. Of late, I have heard many of our God’s leaders returning to the teaching of our need to have genuine faith in Him. For a season, church as a society appeared to measure the validity of a believer by what he or she owned, by his or her oratorical prowess, or by his or her human connections. This is not and never was the heart, nor mind of our God.

Beloved watchmen, we must have committed relationship with our God, if we are to enjoy proper intra-personal and interpersonal human connections. We need the guidance, discerning, and protection of our omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God, to navigate human relationships well. We need our God to be whole; spiritually, mentally, physically, materially… as we interact with one another; as we struggle against fallen flesh and demonic influences.

Fellow servants, it is not enough to simply be connected to God. After all, satan’s connection to God is he is desperately jealous of His Sovereign rule and His people. This defeated arch enemy of our souls (minds, will, and emotions) works feverishly to keep us from taking our God at His Word.

Fellow servants, it is not enough to simple say we believe in God; the fallen angels and their demons believe in God. The key is they obey God when He speaks; they know they have no other choice; they know the suffering and fate of those who disobey His will; they know the wrath of our God. Being full of anger and jealousy, they work feverishly to keep humanity from knowing who our God created us to be and do.

Believe our God and His Christ (His Chief Prophet)

Jesus The Christ is our God’s walking, talking Revelation of who He designed each human being to be, have, and do. He has ordained us to be, have, and do under all He ordained Jesus His Christ to be, have, and do. Our God created humanity to take dominion over the works of His hand (excluding one another).  He created humanity to live in harmony, taught, and led by His Word and Holy Spirit. In Jesus The Christ, our God reveals humanity’s dominion over the earth and all the it contains, including every fallen angel. We must examine ourselves to make sure we truly believe our God.

Let us remember that our God’s Love, mercy, and grace work to spare and keep humanity, even in our disobedience. Why? Our God knows we are no match for satan and evil, without His Sovereign Help. We must believe that we are never without His Sovereign Help, as long as we believe. Hebrews 11:6 reveals the necessary requirements for us to live the life of a genuine, manifested son of the Only True and Living God:

Without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must necessarily believe that God exists and that He is The Rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him out.

Watchmen, we will not walk in our God’s victory and authority, with His accompanying power and heavenly backing except we believe in Him, in what He says, and that He will perform all He promises. We must ask ourselves, “Am I still in the faith?”

Refuse to be Intimidated!
Watchmen, refuse to be intimidated by a fully defeated foe. Except evil forces discern our “settled” faith in our God’s wisdom, authority, and power, they will do all they know to cause us to doubt and therefore, fear, and use our own creative authority and power against ourselves. We must submit and settle once and for all that our God is Truth and Sovereign, and above Him, there is none other. This is the attitude that causes evil to flee (James 4:7; Deuteronomy 28:7).

Take Joy in the Examination
Believe blessed watchmen, that nothing qualifies us as our God’s sons and servants other than our faith. Understand that our faith is evidenced by our obedience to our God’s Word, even if that obedience is repentance! What a joy to repent when we miss God; what a reason to be grateful when we consider that He forgives us, AND gives us the power to conquer that which got the best of us! Hallelujah!

Let us take the time to examine our lives, while asking our God to show us every area of our lives that we are not living, existing, and having our being  in faith.  He loves us enough to forgive us, cleanse us, make us whole, and raise us up.  Hallelujah!

Most Dependable Heavenly Father,
All over the world, we are watching Your hand at work. Thank You for Your consistency. We are aware that You remain faithful, even when we fail. We are aware that You are so much God, that You forgive us, heal us, teach us, equip and empower us, and give us the opportunity to recover and catch up. There is indeed NONE like You.

We love You, Father. We lay our faith and anything good that can be said about us at Your feet. We trust You and say, “Do all that is in Your heart! Leave no lively stone unturned!  We want to be like Jesus The Christ and You!”

We stand with Your Spirit and The Bride declaring, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” We know Father, that You are at work in us, doing all Your heart desires, and You will complete that work until the return of Jesus, Your Christ. We are without fear, knowing You never, ever fail. Have Your will, Your way! In Jesus name, we pray.

Father, we open every avenue for the entrance of Your being. We lift gates, open doors and windows, and pull down mountains and high places. We send your Consuming Firepower to every wicked stronghold, destroying doctrine that has long held Your people in bondage. We cry, “Let the Light of our God fill the earth; let the nations look upon His Christ, and live!”

We await You and Your Christ, most Beloved Father!

This we pray, decree and declare, in Jesus name. Amen and amen. It is so!

Author: Watchman L. R. Sharpe

L. R. Sharpe, Founder and President of Gethsemane House Ministries, Inc. and The Gathering of His Watchmen International Prayer Alliance, has served in many ministerial capacities. She has earned a graduate degree in Human Services Counseling, with an Executive Leadership cognate. The teachings and mercies of Christ learned through the struggles, failures, and victories of her journey qualifies the message and the messenger. Obedience to the instruction, “After you are converted, strengthen your brother” has given birth to the call to share the lessons learned. Minister Sharpe’s heartfelt desire is that we all grow up unified, strong, and undefeatable in Christ, and that we develop into His full stature through His love, just as our Heavenly Father desires.

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